Amazon Kindle Agreement

The authors pushed amazon to get a majority of authors to put books on amazon, and it`s the publishers` fault, because they don`t want to compete, to want to do all the amazon and to reap only the benefits, even if the authors receive less, because the publishers pay them less. Amazon can terminate the agreement at any time and block access to your account at any time, but they will inform you that they do. You can also block your account at any time for any reason (at your discretion) and you don`t have to tell you. Good morning, Paul. From what we`ve seen, Amazon hasn`t disclosed the exact parameters they use to decide how kenp (Kindle Edition Normalized Pages) is your book, but they will definitely redefine what a “page” is. The Kindle Normalized Page Count edition page of your book depends on the number of pages of paperbacks depending on the formatting of your book. Roger Packer in his article has mathematics, and a KENP seems to be about 200 words, although this number also varies according to the book: What is Amazon`s digital service fee? From Edward John, the coordinates. If you would like help with your Kindle app, service, Kindle store, Kindle content or other issues, please contact customer service at (or email In its review of the Kindle agreement, Choice stated that it had found several clauses that were likely to be unfair under Australian consumer protection legislation. For example, the approval of Amazon`s contract forced consumers to pursue arbitration in the United States and “explicitly waive any other jurisdiction for litigation.” Tom Godfrey, Choice`s media director, said many of the terms of use, not just From Amazon Kindles, were “totally inappropriate” in their length and complexity. Kobo, another brand of e-reader, had 9,844 words in its terms and conditions.

They know what would be nice if publishers gave other websites the chance to compete, but unfortunately they refuse to do so, Amazon makes a lot of money from both publishers and non-publishers, If the Author Guild or whatever it is called even had to pay for a website with all the books available and everyone could download and sell books there, amazon would not have the monopoly they have, because amazon does not pay them enough, it is a fact that if an author uses amazon only, they would be paid 70% of each sale, now they only receive a very small part of each sale of publishers.