German Coalition Agreement

The federal government agreed to remove significant barriers to the development of renewable energy, which had begun to slow the country`s rotating energy transition. The agreement between Chancellor Angela Merkel`s conservative CDU/CSU alliance and the Spd coalition partner resolves differences over minimum distances between wind turbines and neighbouring colonies, as well as aid for solar installations. The agreement followed months of political conflict that sparked increasingly desperate calls from relevant industries and energy experts. Energy groups welcomed the compromise, but environmental activists called it a “bad compromise.” The CDU/CSU and the SPD detailed their policies. SPD President Martin Schulz cedes the party`s leadership to Andrea Nahles. But is that enough for the SPD base to agree in the vote on the agreement? A comment from the German media partner “Der Tagesspiegel”. A NEW DPART FOR EUROPE A NEW DYNAMIC FOR THE NEW CO`SITISION FOR OUR COUNTRY Coalition contract between the CDU, CSU and SPD19th mandate – Excerpts – Download here… Germany`s Social Democrats and Angela Merkel`s conservatives have signed a coalition agreement. The DW is looking at its plans for the future. With today`s agreement, the coalition wants to introduce a provision in the building code allowing states to introduce minimum distance rules of up to 1,000 metres from neighbouring houses.

“This will increase public acceptance,” said Minister Altmaier. States must now decide individually on the details of the rules, such as the number of houses that represent a colony, a point of disagreement among government partners that contributed greatly to the delay. Carsten Kornig, head of the solar power association BSW Solar, said the agreement was due to come into force as early as next week to “ensure that the solar cap is removed in time.” The current agreement, which even Angela Merkel calls “small” – and she is the champion of dismantling problems until it becomes unrecognizable – is not a sign of confidence in Germany`s power of renewal. But the agreement shows rather that they distrust each other, blacks (CDU/CSU) and Reds (SPD) – and also members of their party. The plan to reunite refugee families is one of the most controversial coalition issues that German Chancellor Angela Merkel will form after the opposition Social Democrats (SPD) agreed to a new grand coalition.