Lease Agreement Regarding Guests

The grey area is the home of long-term clients who have moved into your apartment without your permission. Some ways to recognize these guests-gone-rogue include the following: Much has been written about the importance of getting your tenant to understand the lease. By signing, you both agree to respect the contract and you both have a place where you can start when and if disputes arise. However, if the tenant allows customers to stay in the rental unit for a long time, it is as if they have a tenant who is exempt from these rules and puts you in a situation where you have little recourse. If you have problems with long-term clients, you may have learned how to enforce your tenant if you don`t have strong language in the rental agreement. Unauthorized occupancy by persons not mentioned in the rental agreement is considered an unauthorized customer and the tenant is evacuated for breach of the tenancy agreement. From the tenants` point of view, the clients are all coming for a short time and have to leave soon. There is nothing wrong with mentioning that the “short period” and “soon” are generally not defined. If I rent to SC and my rental contract has nothing on the night`s customers, does that mean I have the right to have customers? I recently had an owner who told me about it, but I checked the lease and there is nothing about the customers. I pay my rent every month on time and I don`t call it a problem. Can he deport me? If it`s too late and your long-term guests are already unpacking, don`t try to hide that fact and pretend they`re only there for one day. Be honest with your landlord and ask if he or she agrees with that.

If something goes wrong, try to soften the deal by using extra dollars for your long-term customers or whatever you believe. And remember that as long as the names of your long-term customers are not in the rental agreement, you are the only person responsible for anything that could happen to a rental property. As for the rest, including friends overnight, best friends who stay until they manage to make their own place, and a colleague from another city who doesn`t seem to leave quickly, the term “guests” doesn`t seem to be the best choice of words (says lightest).