Oxfordshire County Council Section 278 Agreement

Other work for the company includes Section 278, under which a developer is authorized to perform work on the public highway. Section 278 Agreements are often concluded at the same time as Section 38 of the agreements that allow developers to ask the highway authority to adopt new roads and related infrastructure, such as sewers, lighting and structures. The Road Agreements team is responsible for private S38, S278 and private road contracts. They carry out technical checks, agreement management, local inspection and takeover of the S38 and S278 plants. Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) often asks developers to submit noise advisories for section 38 and 278 thought agreements. For assistance to Section 278 agreements, E-Mail-roadagreements@hants.gov.uk road agreements for modifications to an existing road or the creation of a new road according to Section 38 of Highway 1980, developers can ask the highway authority to adopt new roads built as part of the development. Adoption means that the motorway authority agrees to preserve the road at a public expense. Before the agreement, the developer must complete all the work indicated by the road authority to bring the road to the standard. There is also often the requirement for the developer to file a repayable loan to cover the highway authority if the developer is unable to complete the work, for example following insolvency. Inspection and maintenance costs are payable before the legal agreement is reached.

Payment details are included in the application forms. . ODS has done work for Persimmon Homes on sites such as Medhurst Way, Littlemore Priory Park Marcham and Cumnor Hill and has supported Tilbury Fields. Our legal department and other highway teams calculate for their time and work separately from the Road Agreements team, these teams will be able to confirm their pricing structures if you request them. Section 278: Developer Guide (updated October 2020) provides developers and their advisors with all the information they need to submit a full Section 278 submission for design review. The transmission of complete packages allows the design control team to quickly process design tests. This document also outlines all the steps necessary to allow the start of field work, as well as the final maintenance and acceptance procedures for the completed work. Once a payment has been made, please inform the Road Agreements team, please provide confirmation of the amount paid and a reference number.

Pre-departure Meeting Agenda (S278) (Updated in September 2020) Please note that only maintenance fees can be charged. The advance code S220 is noted, processed and enforced by the Road Agreements team. To obtain a Section 38 or Section 278 deposit, please download the application form from this page and send it to the Road Agreements team. The application form for the private submission of the routes will soon be available for download here, in the meantime, please contact the Road Agreements team to request the submission requirements. Oxford Direct Services (ODS) has helped Persimmon Homes, one of the UK`s top-performing property builders, carry out motorway work on sections 38 and 278 at its Cumnor Hill development site over the past 3 months. S278 Minor Works Submission Checklist (updated September 2020) S278 Design Audit Program (Updated May 2019) . All S278 applications must be made through the Hampshire County Council Developer portal. Tom Freeman, an adopted engineer in the technical department of Persimmon Homes North London, said: “We continue to use ODS for our refurbishment highway renovations in our Oxfordshire developments because they are easy to handle and understand exactly what is needed to meet local authority standards.