Revised Tenancy Agreement April 2001

Since your landlord has agreed not to increase the rent during the extended lease, his request for a rent increase is unwarranted. However, the landlord has the right to go to a rental control court, even during the term of the tenancy agreement, in order to set a fair rent for the building. The fair rent of a residential building is a percentage (9 per cent) of the total value of the building, which consists of the market value of part of the land, construction costs (based on rates set by municipal services) and the value of amenities (15 per cent maximum of the cost of the land), but which is subject to depreciation. depending on the age of the building. If such a fair rent is higher than the existing rent, then despite the contractual agreement, you will be required to pay the fair rent set by the court. Once the premises have been evacuated, the landlord must repay the deposit to the tenants within one month. You can deduct the amount responsible for it (after discussion with the tenants and the agreement of both parties) before refunding the amount. Additional requirements and procedures in which the lease is sublet The necessary notification depends on who gives the notification and what type of lease. The rebate does not take place if the tenant leaves the property only without notice to the landlord, even if the absence takes place for a longer period and the rent is due. If it could be proven that a tenant left on the basis of a large sum of money and was absent for a period of time, a request from the lessor might be sufficient, under the direction, for a court to consider the lease as final.

[4] Additional right, in addition to The 4th Part Rental “Part 4” — meaning of this expression. Before a tenant moves in, the tenant and landlord must accept the terms and conditions of the tenancy in a contract called a rental or rental agreement. Whether it`s repairs, checking the conditions of the house or for any other reason mentioned in your rental agreement, the landlord cannot enter your premises without a 24-hour written notification. Condo companies cannot use the Alberta Provincial Court or RTDRS to terminate a lease, recover the property or obtain an evacuation contract for the lease. The landlord is also available for presentations or participation in forums with tenants, property managers or other people working in rental matters. These services are provided free of charge in the belief that informed and informed landlords and tenants are more likely to respect each other`s rights and obligations and are less likely to find themselves in a conflict situation. Application of Chapter 3 and Section 42 to each other part 4 rent.