Tampa Police Collective Bargaining Agreement

4 AGREEMENT/PREAMBLE THIS AGREEMENT is called “PBA” as of 2010 between the city of Tampa, Florida, the following, known as “City” and the Tampa Police Benevolent Association. The objective of this agreement is to ensure a healthy and harmonious working relationship between the parties, to create an orderly and peaceful way to resolve any misunderstandings or disputes, and to conclude fundamental and comprehensive agreements between the parties with respect to wage, wage, hourly and other conditions. There must be no individual agreement contrary to the conditions in this regard. Each party has the right to demand special compliance with the provisions of this Agreement. It goes without saying that the city and the workers covered by this agreement are engaged in providing essential public services that significantly harm the health, safety, comfort and general well-being of the public, as well as to both parties, in order to recognize the need to provide a continuous and reliable service to the public. 3 A copy of the current collective agreement (also known as a collective agreement or trade union agreement) between that department/agency and the local police union/fraternity association (or similar/equivalent organization). These include all declarations of intent or similar agreements. 14 ARTICLE 5 PBA BUSINESS 5.1 Neither PBA officers nor unit personnel may leave their offices or offices to review, present, process or resolve claims without the express permission of their post or office commander (captain or superior). PBA representatives should not contact a staff member or other person about complaint or business matters of the PBA, during the hours of the PBA representative`s work, or during the working hours of a staff member who wished to be contacted without the express prior permission of the post or office commanders (captain or supervisor) of the personnel involved. Such an authorization should not be improperly denied.

5.2 The City makes available to the PBA a copy of all written rules and rules relating to employer-worker relations, including, but not limited to,: municipal bylaws, city staff regulations, divisional regulations, division rules and regulations, standard operating procedures, department and training mandates and other documents that are regularly distributed to bargaining unit staff. 5.3 The City provides the PBA with a list of all employees in the rate unit to indicate the city`s employment date, current job classification and date of obtaining its current job classification. At the request of the PBA, an updated list is submitted every six months. 5.4 The City is committed to providing a place in inter-departmental bulletins for the publication of meeting communications or other official pbA communications.