Mutual Aid Agreements Templates

34 the privileges they would normally have if they performed their duties within the geographical boundaries of the supplier. B. Workers` CompensationThe beneficiaries are not responsible for reimbursement of the amounts paid or due as benefits to the claimant`s staff due to personal injury or death during the period during which these employees are employed in the assistance and assistance provision under this agreement. It is understood that beneficiaries and claimants are only responsible for paying the remuneration of these workers to their respective employees. Section V. NONDISCRIMINATION Under Article 15 of the Executive Law (“Human Rights Act”) and all other local provisions, State and federal, legal and administrative non-discrimination, the parties to this agreement may not discriminate against any worker or the region on the basis of race, faith, skin colour, sex, national origin, disability, Vietnam veteran status or marital status. SECTION VI. HOLD HARMLESS To the extent permitted by law, each party (as compensation) undertakes to defend the other party (as compensation) and to defend its functions, to compensate and maintain, personnel and enforcement officer, free and without risk of any losses, penalties, damages, insurance, expenses, expenses, fees and other expenses or expenses of any kind arising from or in connection with claims, pledges, receivables, obligations, deeds, proceedings or means of action of any kind concerning negligence, acts, errors and/or omissions. To the extent that immunity does not apply, each party bears the risk of its own activities, as it does in its daily activities, and determines itself the type of insurance and the amounts it must bear. Each party understands and accepts that any insurance coverage received must not in any way restrict the liability of compensation, retention and storage of the other parties to this agreement. SECTION VII. MODIFICATIONS This agreement may be amended at any time with the reciprocal written agreement of the parties.

Other municipalities may become parties to this agreement when this agreement is adopted and implemented. SECTION VIII. DURATION OF THE A. TERM AGREEMENT. This agreement is for a period of five (5) years from the date of execution by both parties, unless the contract is renewed or terminated in accordance with this section. B. The extension of this agreement may be renewed for a further five years (5) by the written agreement of the contracting parties. C. Resignation. Each party can terminate this contract after thirty (30) days of written notification.

The termination does not affect the obligation for one party to reimburse the other party for the costs and costs of the assistance and assistance incurred prior to the effective date of the information. SECTION IX. HEADINGS Titles of different sections and subsections of the agreement have been inserted only for a practical reference and cannot be construed as an amendment, amendment or explicit provisions of this Agreement that do not affect in any way. Section X. SEVERABILITY If a clause, sentence, provision, paragraph or any other part of this agreement is invalidated by a competent court, that decision does not affect, affect or disprove the rest of this agreement. In case 33, if assistance and assistance have been requested, a party may consider itself unreachable for a response and therefore informs the party requesting it. B. The procedures for applying for assistance are submitted by the agent of one part of the other party`s agent. An application to do so must indicate that it is submitted in accordance with this agreement. Such a request can be made by telephone, as soon as possible a written confirmation of this request.