Breach Of Non Disclosure Agreement Letter

This letter will be sent to you after a violation of your…… ». Activity. I am the……….. (Position in the company – e.g. “manager, sales manager, owner”) of …………….. (Your company name), can be found at……………. (City, State). My company owns intellectual property, including trade secrets related to…………….. (Describe the stolen trade secrets – e.g. tracking software application, recipes).

Our company has always strived to preserve the integrity and confidentiality of our trade secrets by ensuring that a confidentiality agreement limits limited disclosure. There are different situations in which a declaration of omission is the only appropriate approach, such as for example; The private company asks you to participate in an infringement hearing on Wednesday 20 February 2013 at 12:00.m. in Room A. Please let me know by email as soon as possible if you will get there. Until then, you will be suspended from the ownership of the company and you will not be able to access your company phone or email. Legal action is taken if you do not stop disclosing confidential company information. Therefore, a publication ban is filed against you in the District Court and all damages caused by the offense are invoked in court to be proven at the main hearing. We hope that we will not have to escalate this case in court and that you will refrain from disclosing the information. You have breached this agreement in the following ways: Section 4A states that, for any reason, you do not disclose any information about the private company to third parties outside the company, including corporate documents in any form (original versions, copies, faxes and digital versions). However, on February 10, 2013, we were notified that you had forwarded a document from the private company to an external source. Since this document was considered corporate information and was disclosed in digital form to an outsider of the company, this contract was therefore breached. I was told that [describe the theft of trade secrets- for example: “Last year you hired a former employee of our company who was bound by a confidentiality agreement.

Shortly after hiring, your company began making and selling a cranberry-pineapple salsa sauce under the name “Too Hot to Handle,” identical in taste and formula to our company`s best-selling salsa sauce. The purpose of this letter is to inform you of these claims and to ask you to cease any continued or future use of our trade secrets and to compensate our company for financial damages. . . .